Part 2: How to Embellish Your Wedding Invitation

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How to Embellish Your Wedding Invitation
How to Embellish Your Wedding Invitation
How to Embellish Your Wedding Invitation
How to Embellish Your Wedding Invitation

The ways to add your own style and embellish your wedding invitation suite is endless. And I’ve already gone over some of the ways you can level up with just the design of your invitations in part 1. Here in part 2 I will go over some of the physical elements you can use inside to embellish your wedding invitation. 

Embellish Your Wedding Invitation Interior

We already know that inside your envelope you will most likely have the main invitation, the details card, and something for the RSVP. From there you can jazz it all up with elements to enhance the design. These items are a way to add extra personality, color, and texture to your invitations. While you don’t need every element, working with your stationer you can get the perfect combination for your wedding!

Embellish Your Wedding Invitation with Ribbon

A ribbon is a classic that is still in style because it works perfectly for the elegance and femininity of weddings. Plus it’s become a more modern option by using vintage style ribbons (I know that seems the opposite, but it works!) Ribbons come in so many styles, colors, widths, etc you really can find the perfect one for you. An extra thing to consider with ribbons is how to tie them and how they fit within your envelope.

Vellum wrap

I’ve been seeing more and more vellum wraps being used lately and I love it. It can be subtle plus add a little color & texture. The vellum also impacts the way your guests interact with your invitations as it adds another layer to get to the details which is fun.

Belly Band

The belly band is kind of the traditional route to wrap an invitation suite vs vellum as the newer route. But you can’t go wrong with belly bands. Plus there are so many modern ways to do the belly band. In fact you could actually do one in vellum and get the best of both extras! Or you could add text, pattern, color or more to add a pop of surprise to your suite.

Wax Seal

The wax seal is normally made to enclose an envelope, however you can also include it as a design element within your invitation suite. You can use a monogram wax seal on the physical invite to give dimension. Or you can use it to seal the vellum wrap or belly band! Plus you can embellish it even more by adding dried florals into the wax seal!

Envelope liners

When you open a wedding invitation you can’t wait to see the invite, which is why envelope liners are so fun because they’re unexpected. Your guests are pleasantly surprised by the extra layer of design before they even see the invite. Liners are super impactful as a lower cost extra.

Embellish Your Wedding Invitation

From vintage ribbons to custom wax seals there’s a ton of options above for your wedding suite. And while these are super fun ways to personalize your suite don’t forget you can also add more elements to the exterior of your wedding invites too. You can see these fun options in part 3.

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