Part 1: How to Level Up Your Wedding Invitation Design

Personalized wedding invitation design with venue sketch and spot calligraphy
How to Level Up Your Wedding Invitation Design
How to Level Up Your Wedding Invitation Design
How to Level Up Your Wedding Invitation Design

So you have all the parts to your invitation suite: the invite, rsvp card, and details. Now you’re ready to embellish it. I’m with you! The wedding invitation design is your guests first impression so you might as well make a lasting one. So let’s look at all the ways you can enhance a beautifully designed invitation suite.

Most of the elements below could have their own articles written about all their options. So to keep this from going on forever, below is just a quick overview of your options. Then you get to decide what intrigues you most when planning your invitations. 

Your wedding invitation design is personal

When it comes to designing your actual invitation there are so many fun ways to take it to the next level and personalize it for you! Most of these options below can and should be built into the beginning of the process when working with your stationer. They will be able to cohesively design an invitation suite personal to you and your wedding while incorporating the extra fun elements that you love.

Custom monogram

All invitations will have the couples name usually as the focal part but you can make even more of a statement with your own custom monogram. Some semi custom invites already have this as part of the design without being an extra cost. But if you want something extra personalized to really stand out and fit you as a couple you should definitely bring it up to your stationer!

Venue Illustrations

The place you decide to have your wedding is usually pretty special so why not add it to your invitation? If there’s something unique architecturally that’s even more of a reason to include. You can also use this illustration on the details card or in other aspects of your wedding and day of designs if it fits the vibe!

Spot Calligraphy

Invitations done in full on calligraphy give such a beautifully elegant vibe but it’s not for every wedding. However if you want just part of your invite in calligraphy, like your names it’s a great way to have them stand out even more. Plus the calligraphy is custom and can be done in a style that matches the rest of your invitation.

Printing Method

The printing method is definitely a way to up level your invites. There are a lot of considerations to think about when talking about printing your invites. The cost factor is definitely something to talk about with your stationer as picking specific methods will impact your budget. But anything from foil stamping parts of the design to having the whole invitation done in letterpress will definitely stand out to your guests! 

Handmade Paper & Hand Torn Edges

The feeling of your invitations can be another way to impress your guests. And you can do this by using handmade paper and hand torn edges. Both options give certain vibes so it just depends on your wedding. Plus the type of paper will also impact the type of printing methods available.

Embellish Your Wedding Invitation Design Even More!

So that is the starter list of ways to take your wedding invitation suite up a notch! If you want even more ways you can check out ways to level up the interior elements in part 2 and ways to level up the exterior elements in part 3.

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