Online Wedding Planning with Trello

Staying organized while wedding planning can turn into a full time job. You have to keep track of everything from guest lists to vendor contracts and menu planning. There are tons of ways to stay on top of it all, I know for my wedding I was super excited to buy a physical wedding planner to help keep it organized. And while I still loved my physical planner I also loved blending online wedding planning with paper for the perfect marriage! 

Online Wedding Planning with Trello
Online Wedding Planning with Trello
Online Wedding Planning with Trello

Using Trello for Wedding Planning

Online wedding planning with trello board

My favorite wedding planning tool on the web and one I’ve been using for years at this point is Trello! And lucky for you Trello can easily be used for online wedding planning and will help you organize all aspects of your wedding. Plus as a bonus I’ve made it extra easy by creating a free template board in Trello for you to use.

What is Trello?

If you’ve never heard of Trello before, it’s a project management tool which may not sound like it has anything to do with weddings but I promise it’s an awesome tool for you. The main thing you need to know about Trello is that you can create a board and in each board you have lists and cards. So if you’re using Trello for wedding planning you would just have your wedding planning board and then all of your lists would live in that board. It’s pretty simple once you check it out. 

The fun thing about Trello is being able to customize it to work for you. And you can do so much with the free version that you don’t need to worry about paying for it to get the organizational benefits! Plus like I mentioned I’ve created a free wedding planning board just for you. 

Online Wedding Planning Cards

In the Trello for wedding planning board I created cards on everything you need including timeline, budget, vendors, colors, and so much more. The best part is you can add more cards if you need or delete the ones you don’t so you can focus on your own planning needs! You can also share this board with anyone helping you plan the wedding like your partner or wedding planner. Keeping everyone on the same page will be super easy. Being able to access all of your planning details from anywhere is always helpful because who knows when you’ll need a specific detail.

Trello wedding planning board

Trello Features for Wedding Planning

Here’s just a few fun features I’ve added to the wedding planning board to help you get started with your own planning:

  • Timeline
  • Wedding Day Schedule
  • Important Info
  • Budget + budget sheet
  • Guest List
  • Wedding Vendor List
  • Theme with color and inspirational cards
  • List of all the links you need
  • Bridal shower & bachelorette planning list
  • Individual vendor lists for even easier planning!

Get Your Free Trello Board for Wedding Planning

If you don’t have a Trello account yet you can sign up here. Then be sure to check out the amazing wedding planning board right here for free and use it for your own wedding. Once you have it added to your own boards you can start customizing and creating your own wedding planning checklists for everything you need. And if you want any help with planning the stationery for your wedding and more you can set up a consult right here. Happy planning!

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