stunning envelope calligraphy

Calligraphy on envelopes are my favorite thing to do, EVER! I swear if I could address envelopes 24/7 I’d be the happiest person (but probably have a pretty sore hand). I love them for everything from weddings and holiday cards to everyday letters. There’s just something super fun about receiving a envelope that someone took their time to address that makes me happy. If you are like me and want to step up your envelopes you’re in the right place!

I approach each envelope as a work of art, every detail matters to me because your day is meant to be special from the start. Every envelope address is created by hand using a dip pen and ink in a modern calligraphy style of your choice. This will truly create a one of kind finished product.

Here’s a breakdown of the starting investment:
  • Outer Envelope: $4.00
  • Inner Envelope: $2.00
  • Outer & Inner Set: $5.00
Return address add-ons & RSVP envelope options:
  • Black & Color ink printing: $1.00
  • White ink printing: $1.50
  • Calligraphy: $2.00
  • Stamp: Starting at $40

These prices do not include the envelopes. I can either provide you a quote for my favorite envelopes or I can work with ones you already have.

I can also help source vintage stamps or wax seals if you want that vibe, because every detail counts!
envelope calligraphy process

Order a Sample

I have a variety of calligraphy styles, envelope colors, and lots of fun inks to pick from. Once you have a few favorites and see them in person you will understand the allure of hand done calligraphy.



Fill Out Form & Order

Just fill out the form below to get the ball rolling. I’ll finalize your details and get your invoice completed so the fun can begin.





Collect Details

Once you’ve picked your colors and style you can gather your guest list and double check how many envelopes you need. Be sure to go by households and not total guests so you don’t end up with a ton of extras!



Let’s have fun!

The final step might be the hardest..waiting for your finished envelopes. Booking as soon as you know you need them done is a good idea, but I can usually fit in quick jobs if needed so always reach out.

envelope calligraphy form

envelopes – invitations – signs – & more

From the moment you mail out your save the dates your guests will get a glimpse into your big day. I want to help make the best first impression and carry it all the way to your day with beautiful designed pieces that everyone will love!

We specialize in all of your

calligraphy, stationery, & signage needs for your special day & events

There are so many ways to incorporate custom calligraphy and hand lettered pieces into your wedding or event. Here at Proof & Parchment we offer the full gamut from the envelope calligraphy all the way to the day of the event designs.

“It would be my pleasure and honor to get to create the first impression for your special day”