Custom Wedding Stationery vs Semi Custom Wedding Stationery 

Planning out your invitations for a special occasion can be overwhelming – should you splurge for fully custom wedding stationery or maybe use something that is semi custom? There are many factors that will help you figure out which is the best route to go. And if you need more help deciding, I offer both types of stationery and can point you in the right direction with a free consultation!

What is Semi-Custom Stationery? 

Let’s start out by going over what semi custom stationery actually means. Simple put semi custom stationery is a pre designed stationery suite that can be customized for your specific wedding or event. In more details a sem custom suite usually has everything already designed from the layout of the wording to the illustrated elements. And then all you have to do is add in your specific details like the couples name, wedding date, etc and then you have a finished suite. There are sometimes other elements in semi custom suites that can be customized like color elements and add on items. However this can be dependent on the suite. Some might have a really specific watercolor floral element that cannot be changed, so you would only pick that semi custom suite if the colors matched your wedding. 

Pros of Semi-Custom Stationery

  • Since semi-custom suites are already designed they will usually have a lower price. So you can save your budget for other aspects of your wedding.
  • There is less time involved with semi custom suites since you are usually just providing your main details to have the final invitations completed.
  • You can still personalize your stationery depending on the options available. You might be able to add embellishments like wax seals, envelope liners, calligraphy addressing, and more.

Cons of Semi-Custom Stationery

  • Sometimes semi custom suites are sold as digital designs so you would then have to get them printed on your own.
  • Your invitations might not watch your wedding exactly how you want depending on the elements that you can customize.
  • Other couples can use the same design as you, however some elements may change like color to make it more personalized to you so they will never be exactly the same from couple to couple.
  • If you add on a lot of additional elements to really personalize a semi-custom suite the costs could add up so you have to watch that and work with your stationer to stick to the budget you’re comfortable with!

What is Custom Stationery?

Now that we have an idea of what semi custom wedding stationery is why you would pick it, let’s go over custom stationery. Custom stationery is pretty self explanatory as the name suggests, it’s custom stationery 🙂 In the world of wedding invitations if you are doing custom stationery it means you can have the whole suite designed from scratch based on your specific wedding. Whether you’re having an intimate wedding on a mountain or a large party at a brewery you can have the wedding invitations of your dreams created to match that vibe. You most likely will be working closely with the invitation designer to come up with the perfect suite. From Pinterest boards to questionnaires and conversations your stationer will bring your dream suite to life!

Pros of Custom Stationery

  • The world is your oyster…meaning you can create your dream invitation.
  • It is highly unlikely that anyone else will have the same design as you since it’s completely custom to your wedding.
  • It can be super fun to work closely with your stationery designer to create the invitations which will set the tone for your wedding from the moment your guests receive them.
  • There are so many fun ways to customize invitations and you get to explore the options you want with your stationer. From letter press to custom illustrations and more you can dream up what you want!

Cons of Custom Stationery

  • Working with a stationer to create custom stationery can be more costly than semi custom. Especially if you add in more expensive printing methods and embellishments.
  • Custom stationery will take more time since you are starting from scratch so be sure to start the process early!
  • The thought of having every option available can be paralyzing, but don’t worry when you work with your stationer they can help you find focus and create your dream vision!

Which Option Should You Pick?

There’s so many good reasons to pick either option that it’s truly a case by case decision. You have to look at what is important to you and your partner in terms of your wedding and your invitations. Plus you need to decide on your budget and timing. If you are torn between both routes you could always do some exploring of what’s out there. Look at invitations on Pinterest or from your favorite stationers. If your drawn towards the super unique and custom then go that route. But if you start to find some semi custom ones that strike your fancy then look into them! You can’t go wrong with either choice in my opinion. 

Now that you know the difference between custom and semi custom stationery, set up your consultation to find the perfect stationery for your next big event.

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